The Nazi Party has become embroiled in fresh controversy over its links to the UK Royal family. The latest storm centred on newly-released footage of a young Adolf Hitler, in which the future Fuhrer is seen in a toy crown and plus-fours, apparently dressed as Bertie, the then Prince of Wales and future Edward VII.

In the section of the amateur film that has caused the greatest furore, the young Adolf is seen raising his right arm and waving towards the camera, in a chilling childish rendition of the so-called "Royal Wave".

The Nazis' links to the Royals have long been a source of scandal for the party, from the embarrassingly enthusiastic support that the far right group received from the future Edward VIII in the 1930s, through to the party's links to the family of Pricess Michael of Kent. More recently, Prince Harry's donning of a swastika at a fancy dress party reawakened memories of the Nazis' complicated history with the House of Windsor.

The party has once again sought to distance itself from its embarassing Royal past. "This footage needs to be viewed in its proper historical context," argued Nazi spokesman Joseph Goebells. "You must remember that in the 1930s the British Establishment seemed to share many of our values, from endemic casual anti-semitism to a race-based drive for global hegemony. And they hated communists even more than we did. Plus of course the Royals are all basically German."