"Donald Trump" revealed as work of satire

Billionaire businessman and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been revealed to be a wholly fictitious character created for the purposes of satire. The situationist masterpiece is the work of Danny Trumpberg, a 23-year old performance artist and poet from Ausin, Texas.

"I wanted to satirise the American right by creating the most outlandish character imaginable," Mr Trumpberg told the New York Times. "We made every aspect of his appearance, personality and views deliberately absurd, a kind of distillation of accumulated conservative bull-shit over the last thirty years with every shred of sanity, reason or decency removed."

Mr Trumpberg was surprised that his creation was not outed earlier. "We kept saying more and more ridiculous and provocative things. We assumed people would realise that no actual person, let alone someone aspiring to the world's most powerful elected position, would actually come out with that kind of crap." In fact, the fictitious politician only became more popular with every utterance. In the end it was not his outlandish views that revealed Mr Trump to be a work of fiction, but his obviously fake hair-piece.

Despite being outed as a satirical construct, "Donald Trump" remains Republican front-runner. "In a way Mr Trump now has more credibility than his rivals," political commentator Dave Insida-Beltway told us. "All politicians have become absurd and polarising fictional constructs. Mr Trump is just more open about it. And at least we know he doesn't actually believe the shit that comes out of his mouth."